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Inductive vehicle detector :

PAS 709 48

Technical data

Supply voltage: 24 V DC +20%
Current consumption: < 40 mA
Output: Change-over contact
Maximum output current: 0,5A 24 V DC
Output indicator: yellow LED
Supply and backup voltage indicator: green LED
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Switching range (% of a loop covered by a vehicle): min 30%
Operating frequency: 30 kHz
Ambient temperature range: -15C... +55C
Protection standard: IP20
Switch dimension W x H x L: 22,5 x 106 x 75 mm
Standard loop dimensions: 1200 x 2000 mm
Weight: cca 100g

Mounting on a 35 mm din rail.

The detector incorporates a loop to be embedded into a slot milled out in the road max. 100 mm under its surface.
The loop with the perimeter of 1200 x 2000 mm can be embedded longitudinally or crosswise.
On request, the detector switching range and the operating frequency can be modified (when several loops placed next to each other).